October 15, 2017

10.15.2017 : its been a long time ...

... lil over a year since last post ... if you haven't seen or heard, Nike killed the market(outlets are stuffed) and everything is about adidas boost .... the 2 reason you haven't really seen anything happening over here but gonna try to keep more up to date with this here page. Posting some #KicksForSale that have been collected through the years, some random news with release info, possibly some music videos and other random(footwear related) posts  ... oh, big middle finger to #Photobucket too, they killed everyones photos since they launched - being why the older post are missing photos. 

check the 'Online Shop', just added a few sneakers and will be adding much more soon. some older goodies in there ... 

like these Nike Alpha Force Premium 'Albis Pack'. They were originally released in 2005 and 12 years later still fresh as day one! To see more pics of these beauties and much more, click the link on the left ...  enjoy the week and much thanks for all who rock with LandOKicks, greatly appreciated! 

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thanks for looking, enjoy the week!

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