June 24, 2009

Rich The Year - Charley Blacks

"Multi-talented!!! / Coppershot Productions / I'm in a financial crisis (too poor) / An mi need some m.o.n.e.y (too poor) / It's Charleeeeeyyy / Trelawny mi born and grow / Nuff sufferation da bwoy yah go through /But mi naw give up cause I'm multi-talented / If mi nuh rich this year / Next year naw pass / Cause mi born as a hustler / If mi nuh rich this year / Next year mi haffi step up mi hustliiing"

rest of lyrics here

p.s. sorry for the lack of kicks update, promise to have 1 this week .... and much thanks to all whole purchased a pair of Blue Lobsters these past few days, if you didn't know I had them - make sure to 'drop your email' in the box on side panel to not miss any releases again ... thanks and enjoy the rest of the week!!

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