June 30, 2009

Cleanin' Out The Closet

need to free up some space in the room so that means gettin rid of kicks that will most likely never touch me feets .... everything pictures is 100% fresh in box, never worn and comes with everything they are suppose to .... if laces aren't laced on sneaker in picture, their inside the original box .... there's a few pairs of sample from awhile back(will come with a box)- all sample size 9 .... everything not labled with a size in picture is a US MEN SIZE 9, if more picture are needed of a certain sneaker just ask - I have ready to email ... looking to move all, so please hit me your offer or any questions you may have at LandOKicks@hotmail.com - all questions will be answered - thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of the week!

June 24, 2009

Rich The Year - Charley Blacks

"Multi-talented!!! / Coppershot Productions / I'm in a financial crisis (too poor) / An mi need some m.o.n.e.y (too poor) / It's Charleeeeeyyy / Trelawny mi born and grow / Nuff sufferation da bwoy yah go through /But mi naw give up cause I'm multi-talented / If mi nuh rich this year / Next year naw pass / Cause mi born as a hustler / If mi nuh rich this year / Next year mi haffi step up mi hustliiing"

rest of lyrics here

p.s. sorry for the lack of kicks update, promise to have 1 this week .... and much thanks to all whole purchased a pair of Blue Lobsters these past few days, if you didn't know I had them - make sure to 'drop your email' in the box on side panel to not miss any releases again ... thanks and enjoy the rest of the week!!

June 10, 2009

Karma Is A Bitch

good for your fagot ass for getting bought out by a real sneaker store - you never deserved a shop anyways, you dick!

new footwear update shortly!