November 22, 2008

11.22.08 : UPDATE

here is another update .... everything is FREE SHIPPING within the US .... hit me with size of the number you like at .... enjoy the weekend!

Ladies 1st

then the Mens ...)re-up on the blazers-woodgrains)

and here is 1 thing extra ...

and mens sizes in these too

P.S. just found out that the 'krink' AF1 drops on the 29th but the 'black friday' AF1 drops on the 28th(still without any pictures) - NIKE, FOR REAL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YA'LL DOING? ... you already know people are gonna camp out for the black friday's, why release a truly hype up sneaker the following day?

thanks to for the info

November 20, 2008

1 More For The Week

heres a few new kicks for the week ... hit me with an email if your in needed of any .... and as always, thanks for looking!

November 17, 2008

New Week, New Update

hit me with number and size need at bulk orders are also welcomed .... thanks for looking and enjoy the week!

also wanted to give a big thanks to for the blast out and all you 'lil'feets' in the game that don't get to get those supposedly 'limited' releases - GO SIGN THEIR PETITION(click here) to hopefully get some small size releases
... you gotta respect the words
'We who sign this petition want all the major sneaker brands to carry their most popular and most exclusive products in smaller sizes. We are not "youth", we are grown women with killer sneaker collections. We can and will buy all the hottest stuff if it's in our size.'

November 13, 2008

11.13.08 : UPDATE

here 2 new kicks just in ... let it be known if needed - ... thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of the week! .....

November 11, 2008

New Arrivals : 111108

Heres some new product for the week .... please, email number and size needed to ... everything 100& authentic and free shipping anywhere within the US ... thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of week
Ladies 1st

Mens 2nd

also alot of those sale items posted HERE are still up for grabs

November 4, 2008


here's some early Jordan/AF1 release, should be out within 2 weeks or so - could be wrong ...
Air Jordan 6Rings - $185 8-13

AF20 - $165 8-13 - $135 3.5y-7y

and a few others ...

get at me - ... and I hope ya'll all went out a placed that vote!