October 28, 2008


heres new product for the week ...
1st up the ladies

next the guys

here are some older product the has been marked down ... still free shipping on EVERYTHING!! and EVERYTHING MUST GO!! .... please hit me with number and size needed at LandoKicks@hotmail.com ...

October 21, 2008

New Arrivals

Some new product for the week ... you like? if so, hit me with email of number and size needed .... bulk orders are also welcome, thanks for looking and enjoy the week! ....
ladies 1st

p.s. also have those grey/wht air bakin in mens size 8-12 @ $145...

and the the mens ...

October 19, 2008

on a fine sunday morning

woke up to no service, no contacts, no emails - fuckery NO NOTHING!! got 2 words on this fine sunday morning

contract is up in 2ays, hello new service!!

October 13, 2008

Much Needed

here is some new product for the week .... hit me at Landokicks@hotmail.com for bulk & single orders ... everything 100% authentic! thanks for looking and enjoy the week!

Ladies 1st


October 11, 2008

P is for PATTA


plus an extra

much thanks to the whole PATTA family

shirt is kinda wack but gotta love that they pulled that bullshit shop for the "C" in FUCK, good shit Secrect Society!

pic via complex.com