August 29, 2008

New Product

hit em with an email at with number and size needed .... free shipping within the US and everything 100% authentic ... thanks for looking and enjoy the weekend!

August 26, 2008

Poets of NY

out with the old

in with the new ....

heard of the rumors, now its official... Poets of NY is back and stronger then before.... head over to their myspace page to add them for updates on product!! With Nike SB, Adidas SB, Converse SB, Diamond, Mighty Healthy for starters, this is bound to be the hottest shop on LI, much respect to Mr. Gino Iannucci and Mr. Matt Bell - best of luck to you guys!

CARL PLACE , NY .11514

August 16, 2008

a must see

click picture

logged into me myspace account and was told to check this out - think ya'll should too ... REAL NY SHIT ... much respect to NA, Akira & Davey

A Little Weekend Update

email with number and size needed.... thanks for looking and enjoy the weekend!

August 14, 2008

its a new look

Nike Air Force UENO - 4 SALE

Heres your chance to get your hands on a super limited, supposedly only 500 pairs worldwide and only released in Ueno, JAPAN ... Nike Air Force 1 'UENO' edition .... released back in '04 ... Good luck finding them anywhere in person! ... this is a US size 11, completely deadstock in original WOODEN box and comes with everything(yes, the hay is inside the box)!! I am asking $1100 but am willing to take offers on them but please no low-balling, if you know kicks then you should know the worth of these..... any questions please send them to and thanks for looking!!

August 11, 2008

its been a min

sorry for the lack of updates these past couple of weeks... been getting tons of emails from a lot of people with questions from bulk sales to what happen to me in general .... there are a number of people that I will see this week and work everything out with.... to be honest this summer has been tons of running around and non-stop party'in ... I promise to respond to EVERYONE very soon, sorry bout that! ...... with that being said, kicks will be blasted out this week!!!
also wanted to give a thanks to Ray & Dennis of MightyHealtyCamp for the new caps ....

and also be on the look out for 'LandOKicks' MusicSkins for your iPod, iPhone, laptops and much more ......

big things happening, please stay with me!