April 30, 2008

Another Day = Another Update

hit me with number/size needed at landokicks@hotmail.com .... please include the date of the post in email so I know which number(sneaker) your talking about (alot of the kicks from older post are still available) ...

and these are some random kicks lying around the crib that need to be moved out ASAP ... if interested in any please hit me an email(again) stating the number of which kicks it is your looking at

thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of the week!

April 28, 2008

This One Is For The Ladies

ok, I've been getting tons of question from the ladies about the footwear - here it is ... everything is label in sizes and prices - all prices are shipped in the US, please add $7 for anywhere outside the US .... EVERYTHING 100% AUTHENTIC ... youths sizes compared to wmns size is a size and a half ... so a 6y is = to a 7.5 wmns .... email all question to landokicks@hotmail.com - bulk orders are welcomed also ....... thanks for looking and enjoy the week!

heres a lil'sum thang for the fellas ...

April 25, 2008


much much respect to the lovely ladies over @ MISS CREW.com .... tonight is their 2 year anniversary party @ MILK out in SF .. if your in the area make sure to swing thru and support the fine lookin ladies ... do it up big and really wish I could be there, next time FO SHO

April 21, 2008


ATL was outta control... much much respect to the whole L.I.U.N.S. DEN/FIRESTARTER CREW for all the love and for even the chance!!! and also to everyone who made a purchase at the event, get ready for MAY 25th, its on again - w/ a hip hop appreciation week theme ... ATL i got y'all on the AF1's next time, didn't think y'all were on it like that and it nice to see....
also, i had lost my phone charger so i was without a phone for a number of days, I'm back to normal now - holla at me ....

also ... have more product that needs to have picture taken, more kicks tomorrow!

April 18, 2008


....packin it up and headed out .... will be in the 'A' tonight for this months AUTOMATIC CLASSIC's 'A Night Called SOUL FOOD' @ the Drunken Unicorn ... if your in the area, swing thru and support!!

again, if you need bulk ----don't hesitate to drop an email----> landokicks@hotmail.com

LandO's Got It!

April 15, 2008

gems on the 'bay'

new product should be in this week(ex thrasher, Donatello's ...) ..... been a little bored and really missing someone a lot lately and with that i sometimes turn to eBay as a mind escape... searching eBay for kicks can keep me busy for hours and frees my mind, thought I would share with you some of the few kicks I came across tonight .... your gonna have to find/search them for yourselves thu, sorry!

... oh yea, to that little half ass sneaker store at 267 Lafayette St, NYC - you must be out your fucking mind asking for product, never son!! stop bothering my boy and go mooch off someone else

April 9, 2008

new arrivals

heres some more new product for the week....
again, just email number and size to landokicks@hotmail.com

and also if anyone is interested in bulk orders, Lando's Got It!

April 3, 2008

April's Nike SB's ...

heres a few of the new SB's just released for this month .... just email number and size of sneaker wanted to landokicks@hotmail.com and we'll take it from there... thanks for looking and enjoy the weekend!!

if interested in the clothing, please email

April 2, 2008

M.I.S.S. CREW's April Playmate

head over to M.I.S.S. CREW.com to download April calendar & much much other goodies for the eyes .....theres no stopping these women, straight stylin' on'em (check them nails out 2 match the FLOM's - so sick!!) ...good work ladies

April 1, 2008

another come up

sample size only....

so crazy what u find outta state...
also today makes 2 years deep, not much but time does fly