January 28, 2008

listen 2 the man

for all you dudes that have ghostface as your number 1 friend on myspace i really hope you bought his album cause if not hes talking to your ass, all ya'll streetwear/myspace dudes who are using him, hes over it - he made ya'll money, rocked ya'll shit - time to pay back!! !! ghost - time to start smackin' these youngin's, who wanna use you up and cant even go cop the album, foul!

January 25, 2008


heres some new product for the week... same as always - FREE SHIPPING in the US!!

restock is in ....

January 19, 2008


new product for the week....

heres some product from months back, I have assorted sizes's left in these - get at me if you like anything.....
1st up the mens....

2nd the ladies....

January 12, 2008

January 10, 2008


p.s. this would be a great gift for any1 into footwear - a sneaker storage trunk on wheels .... how dope? more info @ pinel&pinel

Oh word? I'll catch you coming out your fucking crib

this is the anthem for '08 .... catch a fucking bullet niggie ....... sign deals only if the math is real ..... hunt niggies like poltergeist ..... while cats bullshit on the real, I don't fuck around dunny, I'm most real ..... you did a buck off of my shit and wrap your Audi ...

January 9, 2008

In Need Of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

need to get the fuck out of debt and get a whip - everything MUST go, everything 100% authentic, everything just the way you like...... prices are right, ship worldwide - -GET AT ME!

January 7, 2008


The lovely ladies over at MISS CREW.com have done it again....coming with a calendar for '08 showcasing kicks with the nails to match!! For a man that loves his lady to have her footwear game tight, the nails are like the sprinkles on a brownie sundae or like honey in some por amore tea - that little bit extra which will always make her stick in your mind! at least for me, I'm lovin this project - good shit ladies, should do a paperback!!... head over to the MISS CREW site to download the Jan '08 calendar in full...
p.s. head to theGoods to see detail pics of the 80's British Knights Black Orchid

January 5, 2008


if anyone is in need of an invite - get at me ... got 3 of them ....

Nike Future Sole

Nike's Future Sole Design Competition - strictly for ages 14-19 - started on the 1st, goes until April 1st, winner announced July 7th ... more info click right here


Its now NYC's turn to do the voting.... you have 4 shops to place the vote, from now until Jan 31st .... I see a lot of the heads want the 'linens' that were a japan release only(cojp) to be re-released but I'm little more in favor of the wheat/mocha or flax mid that were both cojp releases also... whichever 1 it is, I'm on it

click image for more info

1. Niketown NYC
6 E 57th Street
New York, NY 10022
TEL: 212-891-6457
2. Transit
665 Broadway #1
New York, NY 100012
TEL: 212-358-8726
3. Jimmy Jazz
239 W 125th Street
New York, NY 10027
TEL: 212-663-2827
4. Brooklyn USA
485 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
TEL: 718-596-3577