October 20, 2007


how is this possible - no disrespect to croatianstyle but come'on now, this is bull shit!! 9 pairs on ebay at the same time, retail $120 & his BuyItNow $1,900 - 2,100 - guess make that money son.... i justed wanted 1 pair to get the fuck out this debt - FUCK!!


NEW WEEK NEW KICKS....... let me know the number and the size you need.....enjoy the weekend

also have sizes left from last weeks post if still needed.......

Little Preview

heres a little vintage kicks preview of what theGOODS has to offer over at kendo for the kendo X dunkXchange happenins today, MISS BusyLady has so, so much more vintage heat... So if your in the area, you need to stop by and see it in - what? IN YOUR FACE!

October 10, 2007

October 2, 2007


please click image and add as a friend to your myspace page..... lots of updates & info coming soon!! Thanks and enjoy the rest of the week!