September 28, 2007


had the pleasure of running with Harry a few nights out here in the city, one story is... i couldn't sleep one night so i went for a bike ride, must have been around 515am, so I'm riding down st.marks made a right onto 2nd ave and i here "YO J" get screamed out so loud, turned around to find Harry chillin on a stoop along 2nd ave... we chilled for a sec, bought'em a bagel then kept it moving..... haven't seen him since, due to him being locked back up but he's out again and tearing the streets apart!! MUCH MUCH RESPECT TO THE WHOLE UXA FAMILY & HARRY JUMANJI!! STAY CLEAN AND FOCUSED HOMIE!!

check out more over at UXA's BLOG

September 19, 2007

Gem Kit


UNDRCRWN SAMPLE - from the 'believe in 5 - adidas vs. UNDRCRWN'

September 17, 2007


had the pleasure again to head out to Philly with my lady so she could style the UndrCrwn look book for holiday '08 ......... i must say UndrCrwn is miles ahead of the so-called brands.... with their full cut-sew line, graphics steps above others and to be so humble at the same breath, is just re-freshing to see!!
here is my MISS BusyLady in action

then was off the dinner with the whole crew......after dinner off to the 'holiday inn' to get some rest and wake up to south street, checked out all the shops along south street(afficial, pedestrian, wthn and countless other shops with ALL the same product), got a cheese steak and then found an ILL GEM outside of Philly(no names, just 1 picture.... og delta force on the wall, og Jordan 8 clothing, ooooh soooo much goodies, my lady bought a pair of flights that i will post later in the week)... heres some pics

also part of the UndrCrwn team is this artist named Ron, I'm sure you seen his work before on some tees he has done for UndrCrwn but here's some pics of his work!! so sick with it!! thanks for the liquor run homie!

also much much thanks to Dustin for all the goodies -

September 16, 2007


this is one serious artist right here, taking the image of a sneaker and flippin and bouncing that shit to be something truly amazing... at least in my eyes and the eyes of WEST, which a new sneaker/clothing boutique that has opened its door within in the last 2 months on the upper west side of NYC.... head by WEST to see in person and color, also say what up to DAVE while your there!!

147 w.72nd St.


A rebel in heart 'Jus Blak' embodies what it is to be a emcee he adds "When I rhyme or emcee my objective is to allow the listener to view the world through my eyes, stand in my shoes and feel my pain without having to experience it physically." "I started emceein' (or playing around with it at least) at the age of '9' influenced by my older brother of 3 years (Ekundayo) and cousin (Kwame). My cousin introduced my brother to the culture who in turn exposed me to the artform. Around the time I was about '13' my brother was down with a clique called the 'Roudy Bunch'. The Roudy Bunch was a Long Island based Hip Hop conglomerate..... more here

September 15, 2007


here's some new product for the week, also have sizes left in last weeks post..... all prices shipped in the US, have full size runs & 100% authentic NIKE product..... thanks for looking and enjoy the weekend!

if any1 is interested in bulk, its not a problem - get at me!

September 8, 2007


hit me with the number and the size you need, ALL PRICE RETAIL OR BETTER..... oh also FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US!!



also have a few pairs left in the 11 LO's

now off to block party....thanks for looking