June 15, 2007

UNDRCRWN vs. adidas - IT TAKES 5IVE Collection Party

had the pleasure yesterday to head out to philly with my PNC4LIFE MISS BUSY LADY for the UNDRCRWN vs. adidas - IT TAKES 5IVE collection party @ ARSENAL. was def some good times with the shop decked out in UNDRCRWN & random retro gear, Dj Neil Armstrong killin the tunes, OG nintendo system set-up with Double Dribble and FREE 40's of OLDE' E for grabbin's. Much thanks to the whole UNDRCRWN crew for all the love and goodies!

the soon released Adidas x Robot Films 3M EQT

and a pair of AF1 Mid RollerSkates

Double Dribble x Olde English

a very early pic of the spot

then was off the Ishkabibble's - Home of the Original Chicken Cheesesteak & famous drink "Gremlin" - a must stop along South St

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