April 29, 2007

clot dunkesto

sorry for the slacking.... its been really hectic over here and my lady is in town but promise to get back to the kicks very soon... in the meantime here's the NikeDunkesto CLOT edition released a couple weeks back..... much much thanks to MISS BUSY LADY and MISS MAMA on the hooks!!

April 17, 2007

Legend In The Making

I've had the privilege to witness this youngster firsthand about a year and half back, his pops would push him across the shop and little man would balance himself for 15-20 feet then wait for his pops to push him back across to the other side... a little while later --> now look

...this is a legend in the making!! much respect to the whole UXA family & Loki and his family!!
via UXA

April 13, 2007