October 16, 2006

Sneaker Pimps NYC

made moves with the fam, had a good night and seen tons of people in the building... even more outside but MUCH thanks to heads that realize, theres was NO WAITIN (in that mess out front), FREE ENTRY(with some help) and BARTENDER SIZES UP's(some-what) for the night... but left the camara at home so no flicks but was good to link with M.I.S.S. GAB of MAMA clothing, JOE from SNEAKERPIMP and his boy GREENTHUMB, the INFAMOUS CARLA G, BRET was even in the building!!, MAZE from KIXandTHECITY, big up to CLARK rockin the HUF QUAKE's & killin the tunes, UNCLE FUT's(his right hand man rockin FLOM's-SICK) and daughter TABITHA, SMOKE-LES and younger bro MATTY, DAGO of BODAGAN trin to get on stage when GHOST was preforming, REEYACK and BID D, ROSCO and the whole NORT crew, JEFF(vt), ARI and fam, $crilla, FLIGHT CLUB NYC rollin deep like always, NIKE ID crew(good looks IZZY), THOMAS of IT IS WHAT IT IS, KEV & MARLON of SNEAKTIP BK and also all the normal suspects hanging around trin to look cool with their brand tee's on(P.S. your shits wack), the total internet cats with the bandannas on and those horrid colorful hats and about 10 ladies in the whole building.... I get more and more disappointed with so of this scene it makes it harder and harder to go out these days.........

also be on the look out
....for the OPERATION TEE by 'BODAGAN' x 'the ALCHEMIST'
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