August 18, 2006


Alright...... I woke up early this morning with MISS BIZZY BACA (check the blog out) ready to trek back across the country to get ready for the magic convention out in Vegas at the end of the month(I'll see you out there, MA)! So now being awake so early, I do a little surfing thru the normal webpages(which all have the same old lame shit everyother webpage has(weak gear to come out soon, corney parties being promoted and horrible pictures being takin) and then I come across 'DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPEBEAST' thru 'the HUNDREDS' and I must say that they cant say any better(they are missing a lot, but im sure there comin with it).... With all the biting and non-sense designs droppin with no imagination being used....this couldn't come at a better time...with a post title being 'Raekwon & The Rza Comment on Brands Who Bite' ..................Remember back in high school('95) when biting wasn't any good nor cool and it would get you beat up? Yea....Then why is it now, when your a grown man, would you think it'll be cool or all good now? You all need to go back to the lab and listen to WU!!! just like the words straight from RAEKWON's mouth himself and it can't be said any better!
Raekwon the Chef: “Niggaz is fuckin crazy… knowhatI’msayin? Word… you know how niggaz be bitin and shit. Niggaz be bitin mad styles n shit from niggaz man. That’s what I be hatin man, I can’t stand a fuckin bitin ass nigga.”

with that being said 'GET OFF WU-TANG's DICK, already!! and STEP YOUR GAME UP, FUCKIN CORNBALLS'.....go check the site and enjoy as much as i did!! whata way to start the day!!!

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