August 3, 2006


yes yes..... another day. another headache!!! swear shit dont change with people, people have to come much more correct these days!!!........... VYBZ LADYZ much respect and thank you for being so understanding, gonna need ya'll again REAL SOON. Dj B is one of the most slept on dj's out there, he kills every week non-stop. THANK YOU B, 'B IN THE BUILDING' !!! KAPONE&WEEDCOLONGNE always come thru and I owe ya'll NUFF!!!! ..... Brian & the whole NOVO staff MUCH THANKS ON EVERYTHING, this shits gonna pop off!!! and to everyone who makes it out on a TUEZDAY night and supports. Couldn't do it with out ya'll, thank you! & next week is BACK ON with the birthday celebration of
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Another thanks goes out to COACH with the ill package, sized the lady up and all!!! THERE IS NO STOPPING THE GUY, doin wmns now!!! Ladies go the to get yours....

much thanks scotty!
...also head over to THE GLAMOROUS LIFE and check out a little article about who & what drives the new MAMA mens line 'ONE HIT WONDER'......looking foward to whats comin!!!!

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