April 2, 2006

What Time Is It???

well just gettin in the door..... this may be the 1st of late night 'hit ups', if your with me, let it be known...... but this is

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what it is RIGHT BOUT NOW, serious tunes playin and a lil' sumthan else.....was suppose to hit up rockcandy with Peeko, Charlie and Laruen but this whole time ahead craz killed the night and not even sure if the ladies even made it out? ..... but i swear this

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walked by me tonight in B8 & I almost fell out & I had just walked in the spot. That place can be so craz at times and others out this world! Linked with The Infamous Johnny Stacks and made 'that happen' from that point on the rest of the night was whatevsssss......... Chupeeee where u be........Jewru where u be......Nasty where u be ...what time is it? time for club pillow ... good monday morning ya'll

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gonna miss wakin' up to some French Toast and Blueberry Pancakes!!

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